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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The board consists of nine member directors from a geographic mixture of the two county mutual’s merged in 1990 and two in 1998. McLean McHenry Mutual is proud to list the position, name, address, and telephone number of each of the directors and urges our agency force to open and maintain a working dialogue with your local member or any member director listed below.

Name Position Address City State Zip Phone
Richard Britton President PO Box 337 Turtle Lake ND 58575 448-2619
Steve Christensen Vice-President 1235 8th Ave NW Mercer ND 58559 447-2410
Linda Huelsman Manager PO Box 301 Turtle Lake ND 58575 448-2255
Bruce Klabunde Director 657 Washington Dr Garrison ND 58540 463-2446
David Holje Director 5316 36th St NE Maddock ND 58348 438-2610
Vernon Edinger Director 1702 22nd Ave NW Turtle Lake ND 58575 448-2558
Nick Wagner Director 311 14th Ave SW Mercer ND 58559 448-9281
Kerry Bacon Director 1192 54th St N Granville ND 58741 728-6640
Harry Bergstad Director 3475 7th Ave N Voltaire ND 58792-9481 626-7511
Doris Wall Director 959 2nd St SW Mercer ND 58559 447-2655



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